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Arcata Bicycle Library

The Bike Sharing System in Arcata, California.


About Arcata Bicycle Library

The Arcata Bicycle Library is a bicycle library located in Arcata, California, United States. The non-profit organization is also known by many other names. Other names include Arcata Library Bikes, Arcata Greenbikes, the HUB, Arcata Bike Station, and Arcata Community Bike Program. The program is an example of a Community bicycle program.

The Library has been in existence since 1997. The Library is operated by many volunteers with varying skill levels. The success of the organization can be traced to the inspiration and dedication of the director Bill Burton. Bill is known in the community as “Bicycle Bill”. Due to an increase in overhead costs, the Arcata Bicycle Library was forced to move from its original warehouse space in downtown, and is without a center of operation. It currently is located in a remodeled red shipping container near 12th and L street in Arcata. The library is open Thursday and Saturday afternoons to offer its regular bike repair and bike lending services. Although bicycles are rented and sold from this location, The Arcata Bicycle Library Program does not pay state taxes, or hold a valid business license in the City of Arcata. Other open times are posted under the Twitter account Librarybike.

Over the last ten years, the program has received many awards including recognition by State Senator Wesley Chesbro. The program has appeared in public service announcements and in television programs such as the public television children’s program Zoom.

The program provides Promise Bikes to some users. Patrons who promise to only use a bicycle as their form of transportation are offered the very best bikes from what is available from the program.

The ABL program is promoting legislation in California to mandate a fee be collected every time a bike is purchased. That fee will be used to fund similar programs throughout California. The fee is a recycling fee similar to the legislated redemption value collected on beverage containers in California.

Arcata Library Bike’s Mission

The mission of the Arcata Library Bike Program is to promote the use of bicycles as a safe, efficient and environmentally sound means of transportation. Our program works to inspire people to incorporate bicycling into a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. We enact our mission by providing bicycles in convenient locations, and providing assistance with bicycle repairs in a learning oriented atmosphere. We also offer free bicycles to individuals who, because of economic situations, would not otherwise have access to a bicycle.

Need a Arcata Library Bike?

Come to the Bike Library on 8th St. (1 block West of the Arcata Plaza)

Arcata Bicycle Library User Guide

Contact Arcata Bicycle Library

Email: librarybike@hotmail.com
Website: http://www.arcata.com/greenbikes/

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