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Bike Share Toronto

The Public Bike Sharing System in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


Bike Share Toronto is a bicycle sharing system located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Launched in 2011 by Public Bike System Company (PBSC, now PBSC Urban Solutions) under the BIXI brand, the system was taken over by the Toronto Parking Authority (TPA) in 2014. The system runs year-round and currently consists of 2,750 bicycles, 4,700 docking points, and 270 stations within the downtown Toronto area.

As of August 2, 2017, Bike Share Toronto has almost 9,500 active members. Since 2011, riders have traveled a total of 16,847,127 kilometers (10,468,319 miles). In 2016, riders took 830,000 rides on the system.

Bike Share Toronto Customer Service

Phone: (855) 898-2378
Website: https://bikesharetoronto.com/
Email: customerservice@bikesharetoronto.com
To locate your record and better assist you, please include your email address that is linked to your account or your bike share key number (the ID code is right below the bar code).

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