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Boulder BCycle

The Bike Sharing System in Boulder, Colorado.


Boulder BCycle Profile

Boulder B-cycle is Boulder’s nonprofit bike-sharing program—a mode of bike-based public transportation. Pick up a bike at any B-station for a short trip—30 or 60 minutes depending on pass type—and return it to any station when you’re done. Because each ride is kept short, and B-cycles are returned to their stations when not in use rather than being kept and locked up, This sharing model provides Boulderites and visitors to the city with a large fleet of bicycles that are always well-maintained and ready to ride.

In Boulder, four different pass types are available to meet riders’ various needs. Depending on their pass type, riders are granted either 30 or 60 minute free trip periods, or a flat rate every 30 minutes. This allows the cost of system access to remain low, as each bike is shared by many people every day. B-cycles are available when you need them and gone when you don’t, and they are a perfect compliment to your feet, your car, your bus stop, and even your personal bicycle!

What’s a B-cycle?
All of our B-cycles are three-speed, cruiser-style bikes with step-through frames, integrated lights, front baskets with a 20 pound cargo capacity, and mud guards and chain flaps to protect your outfit. Thanks to our Operations Team’s maintenance work, B-cycles are always ready to ride, where and when you want to ride them. They fit people of all sizes, and best of all, They’re there when you need them, and gone when you don’t. That’s because…The bikes aren’t what make bike sharing awesome.

Meet Dock:
We’ve got nearly 600 of these little robots at 42 different stations around Boulder. 24/7, year round, our Docks are always ready to help you unlock Boulder by releasing one of 300 B-cycles for you to ride, or locking up any B-cycle at the end of your trip.

Because every Dock shares one brain, you never have to start or end at the same place. That flexibility is one of many reasons why bike sharing is an amazing way to get from A to B. Then Q to Z.

Boulder BCycle User Guides

Boulder BCycle Customer Service

3601 Arapahoe Ave #D-179
Boulder, CO 80303

Email: info@boulderbcycle.org
Website: https://boulder.bcycle.com/
Office Hours: Mon—Fri, 9 AM—5 PM, Sat 10 AM—3 PM
System hours: Open 24/7 year-round

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