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Citi Bike

The Bike Sharing System in New York City.


Citi Bike is New York City’s bike share system, and the largest in the nation. Citi Bike launched in May 2013 and has become an essential part of our transportation network. It’s fun, efficient and affordable – not to mention healthy and good for the environment.

Citi Bike, like other bike share systems, consists of a fleet of specially designed, sturdy and durable bikes that are locked into a network of docking stations throughout the city. The bikes can be unlocked from one station and returned to any other station in the system, making them ideal for one-way trips. People use bike share to commute to work or school, run errands, get to appointments or social engagements, and more.

Citi Bike is available for use 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, 365 days/year, and riders have access to thousands of bikes at hundreds of stations across Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and Jersey City.

As of March 2016, the total number of annual subscribers is 163,865. Citi Bike riders took an average of 38,491 rides per day in 2016. The system reached a total of 50 million rides in October 2017.

Citi Bike Partners

Citi Bike partners  Citi Bike partners
Citi Bike partners Citi Bike partners

Citi Bike User Guides

Citi Bike Customer Service

Phone: (855) 245-3311
Website: https://www.citibikenyc.com/
Help Center: https://help.citibikenyc.com/

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