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Link Dayton Bike Share

The Public Bike Sharing System in Dayton, Ohio.


Link Dayton Bike Share is Dayton’s public bike sharing system for short trips. Members can pick up a bike at any station and return it to that same station or any other station when they’re done. Membership to the system can be purchased online or at any kiosk. Members can use their credit card or membership card to unlock a bike in seconds. Returning a bike is even easier. Just roll it into a dock and walk away. The onboard trip computer allows members that registered online to track all the miles they ride, the calories they burn, and the carbon emissions they avoid.

What makes bike sharing so great: a bike that’s there when you need it and gone when you don’t.
With your Link Bike, you don’t have to look for a parking space or bring your own bike with you everywhere you go. Plus, riding a Link Bike is good for your health and for the environment. It’s the newest and best way to get around town.

The Link Bikes are specially designed for both you and the city: Link bikes fit people of all sizes, thanks to an easy-to-use adjustable seat post. A great front and rear basket provides a space to stow your belongings while riding. Fenders, skirt guards and chain-guards help to keep your clothes clean during your ride. Automatic lights help keep you safe at all times of day. There are three speeds on the Link bike, perfect for your short commute. You’ll love it!

Link is designed to encourage you to use a bike for all your short trips. Once you’ve paid your membership fee, you can take an unlimited number of rides for 30 minutes or less!

Link Dayton Bike Share Customer Service

10 N Ludlow St #727
Dayton, OH 45402


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