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Metro Bike Share

The Bike Sharing System in Downtown LA, Pasadena, Port of LA and Venice.


The Metro Bike Share system features approximately 1,400 bikes available 24/7, 365 days a year in Downtown LA, Pasadena, Port of LA and Venice. Metro Bike Share offers convenient round-the-clock access to a fleet of bicycles for short trips and to get to transit on your schedule. Metro Bike Share is an additional public transportation option for Angelenos and visitors to get around. It is fast, fun and affordable!

The Program Partners of Metro Bike Share

The Metro Bike Share pilot in Downtown Los Angeles is a partnership between Metro and the City of Los Angeles, The City of Pasadena and The Port of LA.

Metro is a multimodal transportation agency that is really three companies in one: a major operator that transports about 1.5 million boarding passengers on an average weekday on a fleet of 2,200 clean air buses and six rail lines, a major construction agency that oversees many bus, rail, highway and other mobility related building projects, and it is the lead transportation planning and programming agency for Los Angeles County. Overseeing one of the largest public works programs in America, Metro is, literally, changing the urban landscape of the Los Angeles region. Dozens of transit, highway and other mobility projects largely funded by Measure R are under construction or in the planning stages. These include the innovative Metro Bike Share program, five new rail lines, the I-5 widening and other major projects.

The Operator of Metro Bike Share

Bicycle Transit Systems is a Philadelphia-based business that specializes in bike share launch, operations and management. Comprised of the most experienced bike share operations team in the industry, Bicycle Transit Systems manages all operational elements of Metro Bike Share, including bike and station maintenance, marketing and customer service.

The Manufacturer of Metro Bike Share

BCycle, LLC grew out of Trek Bicycles in Waterloo, Wisconsin. Since launching the first U.S. large-scale public bike sharing system in Denver, Colorado, in 2010, BCycle has established itself as a proven, world-leading bike share equipment supplier. BCycle has systems in more than 40 cities, with more than 9,000 bikes on two continents.

Metro Bike Share Customer Service

Website: https://bikeshare.metro.net/
Customer service (call or text): 844-857-2453
Customer service email: support@bikeshare.metro.net
Partnerships & good ideas: marketing@bikeshare.metro.net
Discounted business passes: business@bikeshare.metro.net

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