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The Public Bike Sharing System in Hamilton, Ontario.


SoBi Hamilton (aka Hamilton Bike Share) is the non profit local operator who keeps the Hamilton Bike Share system rolling smoothly. We maintain the fleet of bicycles from our headquarters on the lower level of the Seedworks building on Catharine Street in the heart of Hamilton. We monitor the system 24 hours a day to ensure you have a bike available at your source hub, as well as parking available at your destination hub. We use fourth generation “smart bike” technology provided by New York based Social Bicycles throughout our system of 825 bicycles and over 130 hubs.

Operational funding is not provided through municipal taxes. Costs are recouped through membership fees, sponsorship funding, and in-kind services provided by our community partners. Surplus revenue will be fed directly back into the system to provide additional bikes, hubs and service enhancements. SoBi Hamilton represents a remarkable co-operation between the province and the city, plus its citizens, local professionals, non-profits, and businesses both small and large. Please contact us if you are interested in supporting your community bike share system.

SoBi Hamilton Customer Service

126 Catharine St. N.,
Hamilton, ON L8R 1J4

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