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Breeze Bike Share Safety Tips

Breeze Bike Share

Follow the Rules

Yield to pedestrians. Stop at all red lights and stop signs. Ride in the direction of traffic and never ride on Santa Monica sidewalks. Use the grip bell to signal your presence. Do not wear more than one earphone while riding.

Plan a Sensible Route

Plan your route before you ride to follow the safest route to get you where you want to go. You can use our app to find your way to a bike you’ve reserved or to a hub when you want to end your ride.

Do a Pre-Ride Check

Check the bike’s tire pressure, try the grip bell, and if you’re riding at night check that the front and rear lights are illuminated.

Be Predictable

Make it easy for the other traffic around you. Don’t make unexpected turns that put yourself and others in danger. Ride at a steady pace so other vehicles can anticipate your movement.

Wear a Helmet

Wear a helmet whenever you ride. Always buckle the strap. Replace your helmet after any crash and whenever you see signs of damage. Avoid these common helmet mistakes

Tips for Turns

Use hand signals to let drivers and other cyclists know your intention to turn or to stop. Don’t turn or change lanes without knowing the position of the cars and bikes around you.


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