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Capital Bikeshare Partners & Sponsors


Municipal Owners

District Department of Transportation

The District Department of Transportation is committed to providing bikeshare as a part of the public transportation system. Capital Bikeshare is a great way to get around and enjoy our beautiful city.

Arlington, VA

Arlington County is proud to have led the charge for a regional bikeshare system in metro DC. Capital Bikeshare provides an important transportation option for residents and visitors to our community.

Alexandria, VA

The City of Alexandria joined the Capital Bikeshare system in 2012 and now has over 30 stations serving the historic port city. Capital Bikeshare connects Alexandria to the region via a network of biking paths and trails.

Montgomery County, MD

The Montgomery County Department of Transportation is pleased to be a part of the regional bikeshare system. Capital Bikeshare connects Montgomery County residents and visitors to area transit and popular destinations by providing a first-mile and last-mile solution.

Fairfax County, VA

The Fairfax County Department of Transportation launched Capital Bikeshare on the heels of the completion of Metrorail’s Silver Line to Reston, VA. Capital Bikeshare provides transportation and recreation opportunities for residents, employees and visitors along this key transit corridor.

Prince George’s County, MD

Prince George’s County is pleased to join the regional bikeshare network and provide our residents and visitors a healthy and sustainable transportation option. Managed through the County’s Department of Public Works & Transportation, Capital Bikeshare is ideal for short trips and connecting riders to transit systems in Prince George’s County and the region.

Station Sponsors

We are grateful for the ongoing support of the Capital Bikeshare program from local sponsors of the program.

Operating Partners

Operator: Motivate
Bicycle Manufacturer: PBSC Urban Solutions
Station Equipment Manufacturer: 8D Technologies


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