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A Complete Guide to Use ArborBike


How to Use ArborBike

1. Join online or at any station.
You need to join ArborBike before ride. You can join online or at any ArborBike station.
2. Ride for up to 60 minutes with no additional fees.
To use ArborBike, you should swipe your membership card at a dock (annual members), or swipe your credit card at the kiosk (you need to join ArborBike with this credit card). After swiping your membership or credit card, pull your ArborBike from its dock. Before riding, check the tires, brakes, and seat height. Once comfortable, plan your route and ride.
3. Return to any ArborBike station.
When you reach your destination, dismount and guide the ArborBike into an empty dock. Be sure the light shows that you’ve successfully returned the bike!
4. Repeat as many times as you like.

The decal below, which will be located on each ArborBike’s handlebar assembly, outlines three important components of safe riding. Practice these tips to be safe, conscientious, and predictable!
arborbike use guide

How Much Will ArborBike Cost

There are three memberships with ArborBike.

  • 24-Hour Access¬†¬† $6
    For those looking to explore the city or make a fast trip across town.
  • Month Pass $10
    For those in and out of towners looking to make the most of Ann Arbor when they are around.
  • Annual Pass $65
    For locals looking for reliable alternate transport in A2.

Special promo code for UMICH Students

  • Use promo code UMSTUDENT31 for a $9 Month Pass
  • Use promo code UMSTUDENT17 for $15 off an Annual Pass

(select join now and sign up using your umich.edu e-mail address to access the discount)

All passes include – unlimited 60 minute trips: Take a bike out as many times as you like while your pass is active and return it within 60 minutes for no additional cost.

For extended trips – usage fees of +$3 per 30 minutes after 60 minutes apply: If you want to ride longer than 60 minutes at one time, an extra usage charge of $3 per extra 30 minutes applies.

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