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Feature of Baltimore Bike Share

The future of urban mobility


Baltimore Bike Share offers both electric pedal-assist and standard bikes for rent. Whether you’re looking to burn a few extra calories or for an easier ride uphill, we’ve got you covered.

Feel comfortable, Climb a hill like it’s nothing, Don’t sweat, Ride longer distances, Stay fit

Pedelec Bikes

Nearly half of Baltimore’s bikes have an electric pedal-assist (Pedelec) feature that delivers an extra ‘boost’ when riding. Pedelec bikes operate just like a regular bike, but provide background power to help you get up hills, travel to work easier, or feel more comfortable when riding. Just start pedaling and the bike will create the optimal ride based on your terrain and tempo – no gears or buttons required. Find a Pedelec bike by looking for a white lightning bolt on the back fender.

Standard Bikes

Baltimore Bike Share also offers non-pedelec bikes if you prefer a more traditional ride or want to burn a few extra calories. These bikes have 8 gears for navigating Baltimore’s hilly terrain and offer the same route reporting and cargo capacity as the Pedelec bikes.

GPS Enabled

Baltimore Bike Share bikes know where they are, and where they’ve been. Check your previous routes on the web or on the App. You can check your stats and ride details.

Battery Life

Quick recharging
The Baltimore Bike Share pedelec bike charges quickly from empty to a full charge . Push the horn button or place your pass to view the battery status.

Go the distance
You can ride for a full day and still have battery life left over.

Front basket

Both the Pedelec and standard bikes have a front basket to carry your precious cargo. Whether a briefcase or groceries, the front basket can hold up to 45 pound and is independent of the front wheel for easier handling.


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