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How to purchase passes at a Capital Bikeshare kiosk


You can purchase a Single Ride, 24-Hour or 72-Hour Pass at any Capital Bikeshare kiosk (found at each CaBi station). See the System Map to find a station near you. To purchase a pass:

  1. Push the button on the kiosk to wake up the screen
  2. Press the “Rent a bike” button on the screen
  3. Insert your credit or debit card (prepaid or gift cards not accepted)
  4. Choose how many bikes you’d like – up to 2
  5. Select Single Ride, 24-Hour Pass or 72-Hour Pass
  6. You can choose to buy a Day Key pass, at stations with key dispensers – this includes a 24-Hour pass and a re-usable bike key, which enables you to skip the need for a ride code
  7. Print your ride code, unless you bought a bike key
  8. Pick out your bike(s) – skip any docks with a red light (those bikes aren’t available)
  9. Type your ride code into the keypad on the bike dock(s) within 5 minutes, or use your key to unlock a bike
  10. When the light on the dock turns green, lift the bike by the seat and pull it away from the dock

Capital Bikeshare
Please note: if you purchase a key with your pass, you can buy additional 24-Hour passes by simply inserting your key in a dock to unlock a bike; your card on file will automatically be charged $7.00 for a new 24-Hour pass. If you’d like to associate the bike key with an annual or monthly membership, please send us message or chat with one of our customer service agents.


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