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How to sign up Biketown from the app

Get the App for iPhone from the iTunes Store or Android from the Google Play store. You can purchase an Annual Membership, Day Pass or...
capital bikeshare share cost

How Much does Capital Bikeshare Cost

As a bicycle sharing system that serves Washington, DC; Arlington, VA; Alexandria, VA; Montgomery County, MD; and Fairfax County, VA. There are 5 membership...

How to dock a CoGo bike

Here's how to properly dock a bike. And don't worry, you won't hurt the bikes. It's important you dock these properly to make sure...
Arcata Bicycle Library

How Long Can I Rent a Arcata Bicycle Library?

Arcata Bicycle Library can rent up to six months. Here is a complete guide to rent a Arcata Bicycle Library. Go to the Bike...
Boise GreenBike

Can I rent more than one Boise GreenBike?

YES!!! Members of the Boise GreenBike system can now rent up to six bikes on a single account. The member just needs to start a rental...

How to Change the PIN number of BIKETOWN

On the web: To create a new PIN number for your account, log into your BIKETOWN account, navigate to your user account page, select Basic...

FAQ of Bike Chattanooga Annual Passes

Bike Chattanooga is a bicycle transit system for Chattanooga, TN. 340 bikes. 38 stations. Available 365 days a year 24/7. WHEN DOES MY PASS BEGIN...
divvy bike cost

How Much does Divvy Bike Cost

As a bicycle sharing system that serves Chicago, Illinois. There are 3 membership plans of Divvy Bike you can choose from: Single Ride, Explorer...
arborbike passes

What is my ArborBike card and where is it?

If you have purchased a 1-day or 1-month membership, the credit or debit card that you purchased your membership with is your membership card....

How Bike Chattanooga Works

Bike Chattanooga is a bike sharing system with over 300 bikes at 38 stations across Chattanooga. Designed for quick trips around town, Bike Chattanooga...
how citi bike works

How Citi Bike Works

Experience NYC in a whole new way Citi Bike is the nation's largest bike share program, with 12,000 bikes and 750 stations across Manhattan, Brooklyn,...


BIKETOWN is Portland's bike share program, launched in July 2016 with 1,000 bikes at 100 stations across downtown and several neighborhoods. The system is...
Grid Bike Share

How Grid Bike Share Works

Release UNLOCK A BIKE Press any key to wake up the bike and then enter account number and PIN on bike keypad. Ride ENJOY YOUR TIME! Holster the U-lock...
how cogo bike share works

How CoGo Bike Share Works

Experience Columbus in a whole new way CoGo is Columbus' bike share system, with 46 stations and 365 bikes across the city. It’s a fun, affordable and...

How does ArborBike work?

ArborBike is a bike share system intended for short trips around town. Members have access to an unlimited number for 60 minute trips while...

How to Change the Password of BIKETOWN account

On the web: To create a new password for your account log into your BIKETOWN account, navigate to your user account page and select Change...

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