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How does Baltimore Bike Share Work?

Baltimore Bike Share

Baltimore Bike Share is public transportation on your schedule. Grab a bike, go for a ride, give it back. You can pay for Bike Share by the month or by the trip, similar to MTA.

Become a Passholder and use Bike Share at your convenience.

Founding Member
Do you consider yourself a trendsetter? A pioneer who was excited for bike share before it was cool? Become a Founding Member today and join the movement to make Baltimore a more active, connected, and sustainable City for all! Bragging rights are exclusive to the first 350 500 people who sign up and extra perks include:

*Due to popular demand, 100 additional Founding Member Passes have been added!

  • Guaranteed $100 annual price for life ($80+ discount per year)
  • Invitation to the Baltimore Bike Share Launch Party
  • Limited edition Founding Member Pass
  • Includes the first 60 minutes of each ride (45 minute maximum for other passes)
  • FREE annual Zipcar membership and driving credit

Monthly Pass
Excited to use Bike Share? Become a Monthly Passholder for unlimited rides up to 45 minutes. It’s as easy as (1) walking up to the bike you want, (2) holding your pass up to the handlebars or using the app to unlock, and (3) going for a ride!

Just looking for an occasional ride? Use the station kiosk or App for the occasional single trip.

Go Pass
Do you plan on riding occasionally, but don’t want to register at the kiosk for every trip? The Go Pass is the best of both worlds: A pay-as- you-ride pass without the kiosk hassle. No monthly subscriptions or upfront costs, simply checkout a bike with the Go Pass and pay per-trip.

Walk to a station, choose your bike, and unlock it with your pass or the App.

Walk to a station and grab a bike
Explore Baltimore by bike before returning to any station. Find a station on the Bike Share Map or App.

Unlocking your bike
Tap your Founding Member, Monthly or Walk-up pass on the dashboard located between the handlebars, or checkout hands-free with the App.

Ride around the City in style.

Time is money
The first 45 minutes (for Monthly, Go Pass and Single-Trip Pass) or 60 minutes (for Founding Member Pass) of each ride is free, but watch the clock. Rides longer than 45 or 60 minutes are subject to a $2 per 30 minute extended use charge.

Return the bike to any Baltimore Bike Share station.

Return the bike to any Baltimore Bike Share station
Push the front wheel firmly into an empty dock and wait for the beep and onscreen notification to confirm a successful return.

Station full? Don’t sweat, we have you covered
When docking stations are full, you have two options to return your bike:

  • Touch the kiosk screen to get 15 minutes added to your ride at no charge and find a nearby station with an available dock.
  • Or contact us at 1-844-97B-MORE (1-844-972-6673) to create a virtual station and return the bike via the secondary lock. Just safely lock the bike next to the station with the secondary lock and wait for the beep and onscreen notification to confirm a successful lock.


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