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How to sign up Biketown at a kiosk

Frequently Asked Questions of Biketown


Locate a Kiosk on the system map or in the app

The icons have white bars on them, which indicate the location has a BIKETOWN Kiosk.

  • Touch the screen to begin
  • Select “New Rider? Create an Account
  • Select a Plan – $12 per month (1 year contract)  Annual Membership, $2.50 per trip Single Ride or $12 per day Day Pass
  • Enter phone number and select NEXT
  • Enter email address and select NEXT
  • Review Rental Agreement, certify you’re 18 years of age or older and select I AGREE
  • Purchase a Member Card if desired
  • Create a 4 digit PIN number
  • Add Funds to the account
  • The Checkout page displays total charges and a chance to a enter promo code
  • Select “I agree and I’m ready to pay
  • Insert payment card in slot

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