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How to unlock and lock a Biketown bike

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To unlock a bike, enter the 6-digit account number that you received upon signup into the keypad on the back of the bike, then press the green check mark button. Next, enter your 4-digit PIN. Don’t remember your account number and PIN? Check your email – you will have received an email from Social Bicycles when you signed up containing this information. If you’ve downloaded the mobile app, you will also find this information under “Account” if you click the person icon in the upper right.

(Note: If you have a member card, you can hold it briefly over the keypad to skip the first step of entering your 6-digit account number. This feature is optional and is not required to unlock a bike).

Once you enter your account number and PIN correctly, the bike screen will read “Bike Unlocked.” Pull the U-lock straight out and then place it upright in the holster on the left side of the bike’s interface.

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