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How Austin BCycle Works?

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To access Austin BCycle’s network of on-demand bicycle stations, purchase annual or monthly membership or 3-day access online. Or, you can purchase a 24-hour access at any of their stations. Annual and monthly members check out bikes by swiping their card at the dock next to the bike they wish to use. 24-hour and 3-day access pass holders swipe the credit card they used to purchase the pass at the station kiosk to check out a bike. When you are done riding, return your bike to any station in the system and push it into any empty dock in the station.

Take it simple, Riding a Austin BCycle only need 3 steps. Here is How Austin BCycle Works.

Austin B-cycles work


Sign up for 24-hour access at any B-station kiosk with your credit card.

Austin B-cycles work


All memberships include unlimited 60-minute rides, so keep an eye on the clock.

Austin B-cycles work


Return your bike at any of the over 50 stations in Central Austin.

Proper Introduction of Austin BCycle


From brisket tacos to rescue puppies, whatever you’ve got, the basket can hold…up to 20 lbs!


Three gears will get you up and down any Austin street. Even that hill on 8th St.


Lights that come on when you pedal and reflectors in all the right places. Perfect for riding home after an Alamo Drafthouse Quote-Along.


Front and rear hand brakes. Because those dogs at Lady Bird are unpredictable.


Sturdy, puncture-resistant tires can handle all urban terrains (looking at you, potholes).


An adjustable seat post allows for custom fit, from average – to Texas-size.


Coverage allows for a dry, clean ride. For the three times a year it actually rains.

Frequently Asked Question

How Long Can I Take The Bike?

Austin B-cycle is a bike share system created for short distance trips with the bikes returning within a 60-minute window on each trip. Checkouts lasting longer than 60 minutes will be charged an additional fee of $4(plus tax) for each additional 30 minutes past the first half hour of a checkout, which is included with your access level. Bikes may be used for up to 24-hours at one time, however, but please note usage fees apply after 60 minutes of each check out. To avoid additional fees, simply check the bike in at 60 minutes or less on each trip.

What If I Want To Keep A Bike All Day Or Longer?

B-cycle is designed for short trips and letting other members and pass holders use the bikes when you do not need one. By checking the bike back in when you are not riding it, you avoid usage fees, don’t have to worry about locking the bike, and allow others to use the bike. If you want a bike all day or multiple days, we recommend contacting one of our local bike rental companies.

Where Are The Stations?

Check our location map for our current B-stations. We launched with 11 station December 21, 2013 and have since continued to grow to more than 51 stations. There’s a printed system map at each station and you can download the B-cycle app for iPhone or for Android to see the map of stations on the go and check bike and dock availability.

When Are The Stations Open?

Austin B-cycle operates 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.

How Old Do You Have To Be?

You must be 18 years of age of older to ride Austin B-cycle.

Riders age 13-17 may ride on our Local365 Youth membership but must wear the helmet provided with their membership or their own helmet at all times when riding, per the City of Austin’s helmet ordinance Section 12-2-31.


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