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How Boise GreenBike Works?

Boise GreenBike

Boise GreenBike provides people who live in, work in or visit Boise with a new mobility option. It’s a convenient and healthy way of getting from one place to another, all without contributing to traffic congestion or air pollution.

Here is how Boise GreenBike works.

It could hardly be any easier. You can find and reserve a bike using the mobile app, or the web. Once at the bike you enter your six digit account number, then your four digit PIN code on the keypad to unlock the bike. Enjoy your ride!

When your ride is done, lock the bike up to any one of the convenient station hub locations, or any ordinary bike rack for a small additional fee. (See out of Hub fee below)

The bikes are equipped with GPS tracking, so the system always knows where the bikes are all the time. This tracking also provides you with information about your rides through the mobile app or your online profile. You’ll be able to track the route traveled, calories burned, miles ridden, carbon offsets and dollars saved by riding a bike instead of driving. Best of all, you’ll be able to seamlessly share that information with your friends on social media.

In short, how Boise GreenBike works.


Booking a bike
Find and reserve a bike using our mobile app, at boise.greenbike.com in your browser, or on the bicycle itself.


Unlocking Process
Enter your 4 digit PIN code to unlock the bike. Want to stop for coffee? Press the “HOLD” button and lock the bike to a rack. Just enter your 4-digit PIN to unlock and continue riding. “HOLD” time will be counted just like your ride time.


Enjoy your time!
If you notice a problem or have an issue with your bicycle, press the “REPAIR” button and then lock the bike to a rack. Remember to follow these rules.


It’s easy!
To end your trip just lock your bike to a rack at a hub location. If you end your trip outside of a hub location you will be charged an additional fee.


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