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How Discover Bike San Diego Works

discover bike san diego works

Two Distinct Ways To Utilize The Program:

Bike Share Membership or Hourly Rental

Hourly Rentals: Rent any bike from any station, any time you want. Hourly rentals allow riders to keep the bike for the entire duration of the rental period. As a perk, you can also dock/park your bike at any station and check another during your rental period. The rental period starts at the time of your original transaction and is continuous.

Memberships: A membership allows you to make unlimited rides a month. You can get a Standard Membership (Unlimited 30-minute rides) or a Deluxe Membership (Unlimited 60-minute rides). The clock resets each time you dock the bike at a station, so you get UNLIMITED rides at no extra charge. When docked, the bike is then available for the next person to use. Since it’s bike ‘sharing’ you do not keep the bike in your possession the whole day.


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