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How Discover Bike San Diego Works


Frequently Asked Questions

How does bike sharing work?

Patrons may access program bicycles via a network of bike sharing stations around the city. Bicycles can be checked out from any station and returned to any other station (bikes don’t have to be returned to the station where they were checked out). Access to bicycles is available with either a membership key fob or a credit/debit card.


DISCOVER® BIKE is a self-service, automated bicycle sharing and rental program implemented in partnership with the City of San Diego and operated by DISCOVER® BIKE, LLC. It is a citywide program that will operate 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Initially the program will consist of approximately 120 solar-powered DISCOVER® STATIONS and 1,800 DECOBIKES available to residents and visitors.

Who takes care of the DISCOVER®BIKE and DISCOVER® STATIONS?

DISCOVER® BIKE, LLC is the entity charged with operating and maintaining the DISCOVER® BIKE program, on behalf of the City of San Diego.


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