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How Discover Bike San Diego Works


How do the stations work?

Stations are solar-powered and automated. They will operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are modular in design and can be easily expanded to meet demand. Each station will have a map indicating station locations. You will also be able to find locations via the DISCOVER® BIKE website and mobile apps once the program is launched.

How do I take a bike out of a bike dock?

There will be two ways to access bikes at stations. Registered members will receive a Membership Key (RFID key fob) and non-members will use a credit or debit card at the station.

How do I return a bike to a bike dock?

Simply pull the bike into the dock and the probe will lock in place.

How do I ensure that my bike is properly docked?

You will see an LED light up to confirm the bike is locked in place at the dock.


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