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How Indiana Pacers Bikeshare work?


Ride and Enjoy!

You now have access to a Pacers Bikeshare bike for unlimited 30-minute trips for the duration of your Pass.

The Day Pass, Monthly Pass and Annual Pass includes the first 30-minutes of your ride for no additional charge.

Adjust the seat, strap on your helmet and go! Enjoy riding your Pacers Bikeshare bike, and then check it back in at any station with an available dock when you are finished.


  1. Return your bike to any Pacers Bikeshare station by rolling it into an available dock.
  2. Wait for three rapid blinks of the green light and three quick beeps.
  3. Once you’ve returned your Pacers Bikeshare bike at the station, feel free to check out another bike at any time throughout your Pass period using the same credit card or swipe your Pass card. Your Pass includes unlimited check-outs!

New Docking Convenience Policy: If a rider is unsure a bike has been correctly docked at a bike share station and requests that ICT, Inc. and Pacers Bikeshare staff confirm the bike’s  status, ICT, Inc. will provide one check for free with no applicable fees. After the initial free check, riders who request ICT, Inc. staff check on a bike’s docked status they will be charged a $15.00 convenience fee each time they make the request unless it is deemed that the bike is not properly checked in to the system due to a Pacers Bikeshare system error.


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