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How Healthy Ride Works



You only need to register once; you’ll use your account to rent bikes.

Four Ways to Sign Up:

  • nextbike app for iOS or Android
  • Website
  • At a Healthy Ride station kiosk
  • Customer Service: 412-535-5189

Pay by credit card or debit card. Select membership level: Pay As You Go, Standard Monthly Membership, Deluxe Monthly Membership.


Pick a method that’s right for you!

  • nextbike app
  • enter your phone # + 6-digit pin on bike keypad
  • use a station kiosk
  • tap your membership card
  • call customer service


Return the bike to any Healthy Ride station. Push the front wheel of the bike into the rack and insert the cable lock through the rack and front fork. Press “OK” on keypad to return.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if Station full?

Lock the bike to itself with the cable lock near station. Press OK return.

Temporarily Locking Your Bike

During your rental, you may temporarily lock the bike outside of official Healthy Ride stations by using the cable lock. When you return to the bicycle, either enter in your 6-digit customer pin code or the bicycle unlock code located in the app or your rental text message. Hit OK. Until the bike is returned to an official station, time will continue to count against your 30 or 60 minutes.

Are you a ConnectCard User?

You can now get unlimited 15 minute trips using your Port Authority bus pass, also known as your ConnectCard. Visit any Healthy Ride kiosk to link your ConnectCard.


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