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How Houston BCycle Works


How does Houston BCycle work?


Grab a bike from any B-station. Walk-up riders will pay with a credit card at the kiosk. Members can use the kiosk, the mobile app, or an RFID card.


Enjoy your trip and ride safe! Walk-up riders pay a flat rate of $3 per 30 minutes. Houston BCycle members get the first 60 minutes of every ride free.


The timer on your ride stops when you return the BCycle to any B-station in the network. Make sure to give the bike a tug to ensure that it’s fully docked.

Rent a BCycle from any B-station, ride it, and return it to any B-station. Walk-up users will pay by credit card at the B-station. Memberships can be purchased online. If you’re using the kiosk to check out a bike, move quickly! You’ve got 30 seconds to get the bike out of its dock.

Members check out bikes by using the mobile app or an RFID card. Members can also check out bikes using the B-station screen by entering either the phone number or credit card associated with the account.

Houston BCycle


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