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How Hudson Bike Share Works


It’s easy! Rent a bike via mobile app, kiosk, on-board computer or by calling customer service


Sign up on this website or via nextbike mobile app, using your credit or debit card. You can also register at any Hudson Bike Share kiosk or by calling our Customer Service (201) 208-2913.


Unlock & Ride 
Via mobile app:

  • Use the nextbike mobile app to enter the bike number and receive the unlock code
  • Enter lock code into on-board computer, press OK, and the bike will automatically unlock
  • Secure the cable lock in the holder at the basket and enjoy your ride!

Other rental options:

  • Using any kiosk
  • Holding a customer card up to the onboard computer
  • Entering your phone number (1+area code+number) and PIN into the on-board computer
  • Calling Customer Service (201) 208-2913.


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