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How Indego Works


Get a bike

Use your Indego Key
Bought a pass? Tap your Indego Key on the card reader to get a bike directly from any dock. Keep that key safe on your keychain – it’s your key to over 1000 bikes!

Or don’t
Use your credit card at any station kiosk to buy a Day Pass. Choose your bike and complete your transaction using the kiosk touch-screen. Passholders who don’t have an Indego Key can still get a bike using their phone number or the same credit card they used to purchase the pass.

Get comfy
Indego seats are adjustable to fit a range of riders. Throw your stuff into the front or rear basket, and you’re ready to go! Front and rear lights shine automatically when you pedal to help you see and be seen. Don’t forget your helmet!

Go for a ride

Time is money
Day Passholders get unlimited 30-minute rides in a 24-hour period. Indego30 and Indego365 Passholders get unlimited 1-hour rides.

Rules are cool
Wear a helmet. Yield to pedestrians. Don’t ride on the sidewalk. Obey traffic signals. Never ride against traffic. Be smart, always follow the rules of the road.

Where will you go?
Connect to SEPTA, ride to work, get some fresh air, explore Philly. Start at any station, finish at any station. It’s fun and easy. The best part: go whenever you want!


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