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How Much does Baltimore Bike Share Cost?

Baltimore Bike Share

As a bicycle sharing system that serves the city of Baltimore, Maryland, you can pay for Baltimore Bike Share passes through 5 ways:Monthly Pass, Go Pass, Single-Trip, Access Pass and Business Plans.

1Monthly Pass
$15.00 PER MONTH *

Want to ride often?
Excited to use Bike Share? Sign up for a Monthly Pass for unlimited rides up to 45 minutes each! Whether you’re riding to work or hitting the weekend trails, we’ve got you covered for the next 30 days.

* Notes:
You can ride as many times per day as you wish.
The first 45 minutes of each ride are included for Monthly Passholders.
Rides longer than 45 minutes are subject to extended use charges ($2 per 30 minutes).
Exchanging a Baltimore Bike Share bike will reset the 45 minute ride time.

2Go Pass
$2.00 PER TRIP *

Want the occasional ride on demand?
Do you plan on riding occasionally, but don’t want to register at the kiosk for every trip? The Go Pass is the best of both worlds: A pay-as-you-ride pass without the kiosk hassle. No monthly subscriptions or upfront costs, simply checkout a bike with the Go Pass and pay per-trip.

* Notes:
The first 45 minutes of each ride are included for Go Passholders.
Rides longer than 45 minutes are subject to extended use charges ($2 per 30 minutes).
Each one-way trip is $2.00.

$2.00 per trip *

Looking for an occasional trip?
You can ride Baltimore Bike Share without a Monthly or Go Pass, just walk up to any of the 20 payment kiosks and pay for a Single-Trip Pass. The kiosk will dispense a one-time pass to unlock a bike for your trip. Rinse and repeat for every ride.

The first 45 minutes of each ride are included for Single-Trip Passes.
Rides longer than 45 minutes are subject to extended use charges ($2 per 30 minutes).
Baltimore Bike Share reserves a $35.00 per bike pre-authorization hold for the duration of your Single-Trip ride to ensure that the system is used adequately. The pre-authorization release differs depending on your bank. Check with your bank for more details.

4Access Pass
Downtown Partnership Access Pass


Baltimore Bike Share and the Downtown Partnership of Baltimore believe that bike share should be affordable, safe, and accessible for everyone. The Downtown Partnership Access Pass is a discounted $3 Monthly Pass for individuals enrolled in the Maryland Food Supplemental Program (food stamps) and is available for the first 300 people who register in 2017:

  1. $3 per month for 30 days of unlimited 60 minute trips.
  2. The first 60 minutes are included in every trip. Trips over 60 minutes are $2 per 30 minutes.
  3. One free helmet.
  4. You can renew your pass every month or choose to cancel anytime.


Call customer service to register for the Access Pass (1-844-972-6673). Your key fob, instructions, and free helmet voucher will arrive in the mail within one week. Please have the below items ready to create an account:

  1. Your unique Access Pass ID to verify eligibility (first initial of your first name, full last name, and last four digits of your EBT number)
  2. Credit card information or learn more about cash payment here
  3. Address, email, and phone number

Please Note:

  1. Your Food Supplement Program benefits cannot be used to pay for your Baltimore Bike Share Pass. Your ID Number will only verify that you are eligible for the Access Pass.
  2. The name on your Baltimore Bike Share account must match the name on the Food Supplement Program Client ID.

We respect your privacy! Your private information will not be used for any reason other than to create an account. For any questions, please call customer service at 1-844-972-6673 or email info@baltimorebikeshare.com.

5Business Plans

Interested in enhancing the health and happiness of your employees?

Baltimore Bike Share offers a convenient way to travel to meetings and makes your daily commute fun again! With a 50/50 mix of Pedelec (electric-assist) and regular bikes, Baltimore Bike Share is a healthy, green, and easy alternative to get around.

Click here to learn more about the Shared Pass and Subsidized Pass options. Email info@bmorebikeshare.com to start the registration process.


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