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How Much does Bike Chattanooga Cost?

Bike Chattanooga

Bike Chattanooga is for everyone, which is why we offer several pass and pricing options to meet a variety of needs. The Daily Pass or 3-Day Pass is available for visitors, tourists and other short-term users and can be purchased at any of our 38 stations or on your smartphone through the Transit App. Annual Passes are available for Chattanooga locals and long-term visitors and must be purchased on Bike Chattanooga’s website.

1$8 – Daily pass
Ideal for visitors, tourists and short-term users.

The Daily Pass provides an unlimited number of 60-minutes trips for 24 hours. Usage fees incur for trips that extend beyond 60 minutes.

2$15 – 3-Day Pass
Great for short stays in Chattanooga

The 3-Day Pass provides an unlimited number of 60-minute trips for 3 days. Usage fees incur for trips that extend beyond 60 minutes.

3$50 – Annual Pass
Best deal for Chattanooga locals

The Annual Pass provides an unlimited number of 60-minute trips for one year. Usage fees incur for trips that extend beyond 60 minutes.

4Corporate and community pass program
Annual Passes for members at a discounted rate

The Corporate and Community Pass Program allows corporations, businesses and community organizations of any size to purchase Annual Passes for their employees or members at a discounted rate.

Level Company Contribution Employee/Member Contribution
Platinum $50 $0
Gold $50 $0
Silver $25 $25
Bronze $12.50 $37.50
Runner-Up 1x Fee $100 $60


1. Implementation
It’s simple–share codes to eligible employees/members. They enter that code into the sign up form when they enroll for your pass level. Each employee will have their own account that they manage themselves.

2. Invoice and Reporting
Each month, Bike Chattanooga will send you a monthly invoice for employees that signed up during the previous 30 days. Your company can easily pay the invoice online with a company credit card. We also deliver quarterly reports with statistics on how employees are using their memberships.

5Conference Memberships
7-Day Membership for their conference goers at a discounted rate

Bike Chattanooga offer 7-Day Passes – created specifically for your event – at a discount rate of only $20. Additionally, Bike Chattanooga will help you marketing the benefit to encourage participant sign up.

  • $20 Conference Passes (7 Days)
  • Unlimited 60 minute trips – no additional charges
  • (Timer resets whenever you dock a bike.)
  • Avoid incurring usage fees by returning your bike to any Bike Chattanooga station within 60 minutes.

Usage Rates

The first 60min of each station-to-station trip is included in your Access Pass. Station-to-station trips lasting longer than 60min will result in overage fees of $5 per 30min. Overage fees will not exceed $100 in a 24hr period.

Ride Time Usage rates
0-59:59 min $0.00
60-89:59 min $5.00
90:00-119:59 min $10.00
2:00:00-2:29:59 hours $15.00
2:30:00-2:59:59 hours $20.00
3:00:00-3:29:59 hours $25.00
3:30:00-3:59:59 hours $30.00
4:00:00-4:29:59 hours $35.00
4:30:00-4:59:59 hours $40.00
5:00:00-5:29:59 hours $45.00
5:30:00-5:59:59 hours $50.00
6:00:00-6:29:59 hours $55.00
6:30:00-6:59:59 hours $60.00
7:00:00-7:29:59 hours $65.00
7:30:00-7:59:59 hours $70.00
8:00:00-8:29:59 hours $75.00
8:30:00-8:59:59 hours $80.00
9:00:00-9:29:59 hours $85.00
9:30:00-9:59:59 hours $90.00
10:00:00-10:29:59 hours $95.00
10:30:00-23:59:59 hours $100.00

Take as many 60-minute rides as you want while your pass is active!

When you purchase a pass, a pre-authorization security deposit of $0.01 is charged to your card account in case you incur any additional usage fees. A lost or stolen bike fee is $1200.


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