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How Much does Breeze Bike Share Cost

breeze bike share cost

As a bicycle sharing system that serves the city of Santa Monica, California. There are 5 membership plans of Breeze Bike Share: Pay as you go, Monthly, Annual, Academic and Bike Share for All.

1Pay as you go
Prorated by the minute

Includes 90 minutes daily ride time

Includes 90 minutes daily ride time

Includes 90 minutes daily ride time, Must sign up with a valid .edu email

5Bike Share for All
Includes 90 minutes daily ride time, Verification required


  • Overtime fees prorated by the minute$.12/minute
  • Lock your bike “out-of-hub” within the system area$2 fee
  • Lock your bike outside the system area$20 fee
  • Return an out-of-hub bike to a Breeze, Beverly Hills, WeHo Pedals, or Bruin Bike Share hub$1 credit

Monthly, Annual, Student, and Low Income plan minutes do not roll over.

All plans allow the account holder to rent up to six bikes at once (all bikes are charged individually)

Minimum age: 18 years old to check out a bike with a credit card. Must be 16 years old to ride.

Additional Terms: For the Pay As You Go plan, minutes are purchased in advance and balance of available time is reduced when used, with no expiration. Monthly, Annual, Student, and Bike Share For All plans include 90 minutes of bike share usage per day (“Daily Ride Time”). Additional ride time will be charged at .12¢ per minute.

Only lock bikes to bike share hubs or public bike racks. Do not lock bikes inside private property or to street signs, posts, trees, fences and other street furniture. The rider is solely responsible for any moving violations and/or fines incurred while using the bike, including any fees for parking the bike in prohibited locations.


Are you a business owner or employer that wants to provide bike share to your employees? Breeze now offers two program options that allows you to bulk purchase Annual subscriptions for your employees at reduced rates. The plans are designed to let you choose the right plan for your company based on the number of employees, level of interest, and expenditure budget.



Your Breeze Bike Share Membership card can be used as your access key to unlock Breeze Bikes. Instead of entering your account number, just hold your card to the keypad, and enter your 4-digit pin to unlock the bike. If you didn’t purchase your card upon sign-up, you can return to a station kiosk at any time and use your original credit card to log into your account.


To make unlocking your bike a breeze, you can sync your Metro TAP card to your account and use it as an access key.

Simply walk up to the back of any bike and unlock the bike using your account number (or phone number) and PIN. Then, press the MENU button and select LINK YOUR CARD. Hold the card against the keypad until it flashes green. You can now use your TAP card to easily unlock any bike!

*Note: You must subscribe as a Bike Share Connect user and have an active account to sync your TAP card. You cannot use your TAP card’s Stored Value to access Bike Share Connect.

For questions about syncing your TAP card please call or email customer service at 310-828-2525 or info@breezebikeshare.com


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