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How Much does CAT Bike Cost?


As a bicycle sharing system that serves the city of Savannah Georgia, CAT Bike gives you access to a growing network of bicycles and stations at daily, weekly, and annual membership levels.

After joining, you can check out a bike an unlimited amount of times during your membership period.

All trips 60 minutes or less (120 minutes or less for Annual Members) are included in the membership. Longer trips will incur a usage fee of $2 per half hour. To avoid usage fees, make sure you dock your CAT bike within 1 hour (within 2 hours for Annual Members) of checking it out.

Price of CAT Bike Membership

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is it to become a member?

CAT Bike charges a membership fee to gain unlimited access to the system for the duration of your chosen membership period in addition to a time-based usage fee that varies according to how long you keep the bike on each ride. To encourage both usage and bike availability, the first 60 minutes (120 for annual members) of every ride is free for all members! You can buy a membership that is good for 24 hours, 7 days, or one year. All memberships can be purchased on this website, and 24-hour memberships can also be purchased at the kiosk that is part of every station.

What is a CAT Card?

A CAT card is a plastic card issued to CAT Bike annual members. Using their CAT card, annual members can check out bikes directly at any station, instead of using the kiosk. The CAT card checkout method is super-fast and convenient! The CAT cards contain an RFID chip uniquely associated with the member’s account. When the CAT card is presented at a dock, the computer is queried to confirm that the member is good standing and to associate the member with the bike they are checking out. When a bike is returned, the computer updates the member’s account. CAT cards also contain a magnetic strip so the cards can be read by the credit card reader found on the kiosk. This allows CAT card holders to identify themselves at the kiosk to obtain time credits when a station is full.

How do I get a CAT Card?

CAT cards are issued to all annual members. CAT cards are sent in the mail following online registration, within one week of the online purchase date.

Can I become a member without a credit card?

CAT Bike requires that all accounts be associated with a credit card, or a debit card that does not require a PIN for use.

How often is my credit card charged for fees?

Membership fees are charged when registration occurs. Usage fees accumulate during the membership period. 24-hour and 7-day members will be charged for usage fees at the end of their membership period. Annual members will be charged on the first of each month for usage fees accrued during the previous month.

Can I buy more than one membership with my credit or debit card?

When signing up online, only one membership can be associated with one credit or debit card. When buying a 24-hour membership at a station kiosk, up to four membership can be purchased with the same credit or debit card, but the same card must be present for all subsequent checkouts during the membership period.

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