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How Much does Discover Bike San Diego Cost

discover bike sandiego cost

As a bicycle sharing system that serves San Diego, California. There are 4 regular & short-term memberships of Discover Bike San Diego you can choose from: Standard (monthly billing), Standard (annual billing), Deluxe (monthly billing), and Deluxe (annual billing). Discover Bike San Diego also provide rentals service, Hourly Rentals and Short Term Rentals.


  • 3-month MINIMUM commitment for regular members
  • Short-term memberships available for seasonal visitors (1 Month or less)
  • Membership Key or credit card as Access Pass to program
  • Enjoy unlimited 30 or 60-minute rides per day
  • You must dock your bike back within your membership checkout term (either 30 or 60 minutes) to avoid paying additional usage fees
Standard (monthly billing) unlimited 30-minute rides $20.00
Standard (annual billing) unlimited 30-minute rides $99.00
Each additional 30 minutes $5.00
Deluxe (monthly billing) unlimited 60-minute rides $30.00
Deluxe (annual billing) unlimited 60-minute rides $199.00
Each additional 60 minutes $5.00


  • Ride for the entire time of your rental
  • Dock your bike at any station and check out any other available bike
  • Your credit card acts as an access card for all stations during your rental period
  • If you choose to keep your bike past your rental session, it’s just $5.00 for each additional 30-minute period.
Hourly Rentals
30-minute access pass $5.00
1 hour access pass $7.00
2 hour access pass $12.00
4 hour access pass $18.00
8 hour access pass $24.00
Short Term Rentals
One week (unlimited 30-minute rides) $35.00
One month (unlimited 30-minute rides) $50.00
If you go past your rental terms
Each additional 30 minutes $5.00


Bikepass replacement $5.00
Failed Billing $5.00
Maximum daily charge $75.00
Discover ® Bike replacement charge
(If the bike is not returned within 24 hours)

*All fees, prices and info are subject to change without prior notice.
Applicable sales and/or use taxes will be added at time of processing for charges and transactions.
Rider must accept the Rental Agreement and rides at his/her own risk.

Have any questions or comments? Contact us at info@discoverbikesandiego.com

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I rent a bike?

Patrons may approach any station stocked with bicycles and select the bike number of their choosing. Then, a patron would either use a membership card, key or a credit card to check out a bike by entering the corresponding bicycle number (each bike has a unique identification number). Once selected, simply approach the bike dock and remove the bike when the LED light turns green, indicating the bike is unlocked. Enjoy!

How long can I use a DISCOVER® BIKE?

For as long as you want, based on your choice of membership or casual use. Different membership and rentals options will be available, and we encourage you to check back prior to the program’s launch for more details. At least two membership options will be offered: “Standard”, with unlimited 30-minute rides, and “Deluxe”, with unlimited 60-minute rides. Short term rentals will include 30-minute, 60-minute and 2-hour options.

Can I take out more than one bike with my key or my credit card?

You can only check out one bike on a single membership key. You may check out up to three (3) bikes on a credit or debit card.

Can I lend my DISCOVER® BIKE membership key to other people?

No. You are not permitted to share or lend your membership with other people. Doing so creates financial liability for you in the event that the bike is not returned on time or if there is damage to the bike. Further, it is grounds for the cancellation of your membership.

Will DISCOVER® BIKE offer any types of discounted memberships?

DISCOVER® BIKE will, on a case by case basis, offer discounted memberships to non-profit, government and student groups.

What is the difference between a membership subscription and a rental?

A membership is generally recommended for ongoing access to or for regular commuting around the city. A membership will get the rider from station to station without additional usage fees. Members may check-out a bike from any station and return it to any station in the city. Members can access all bikes and stations in the city. A rental is generally for one-time users of the program and can replace the need for a taxi or excessive walks on short trips. During the rental period the rider may check-out a bike from any station and return a bike to any station. Renters may access all bikes and stations in the city during the rental period.

Will there be additional usage fees if I do not return my DISCOVER® BIKE on-time?

Yes. Additional usage fees will apply to riders who do not return their DISCOVER® BIKE on-time.


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