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How Much does El Paso BCycle Cost


Priced for quick rides, bike sharing is the no-hassles, no-polluting, green solution to parking fees and gas prices.

Memberships of El Paso BCycle


Want to try out a SunCycle? Then this is the pass you want. Just go to any SunCycle station and touch the screen to get started. This pass gets you access to all system bikes for a 24 hour period. Once you complete the process at the station and grab your bike, the system will remember your credit card and allow you to take other bikes from other stations, with no additional cost, during that 24 hour period.


Interested in giving the system a go, but not sure you’re in for a full year? Grab a monthly pass – this one will give you 30 days of access. Just like a Daily Pass, the system will remember your credit card, so that you can grab a bike within your 30 day period without additional charges.


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