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How Much does Houston BCycle Cost

4Student & Staff Membership – $5/month (unlimited trips)
Purchase online (or through the mobile app) and get unlimited hour-long rides. Check out a bike at any station using the mobile app or the complimentary RFID card. For rides lasting longer than an hour, overage fees of $3 per 30 minutes will apply. Any overage fees will be charged on the next business day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you pay with cash?

Currently, Houston BCycle does not accept cash payments.

How do I know if my BCycle was returned properly?

When returning your BCycle, make sure you push the bike all the way into an open dock. You should hear 3 beeps and see the green light flash to confirm your return. Try giving your bike a tug to see if it comes back out. Make sure to opt-in to text messages–you’ll receive a text every time your b-cycle is properly docked!

What if I want to keep the bike all day?

Bike sharing is meant for short trips. That’s why our pricing model is based on 30/60-minute trips. If you want to ride around Houston for the entire day, we recommend contacting a local bike rental shop.


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