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How Much does Indiana Pacers Bikeshare Cost?


Pacers Bikeshare is priced for quick trips.

After purchasing either a Day Pass, Monthly Pass or Annual Pass you have access to unlimited 30 minute trips during your Pass period.

All trips 30 minutes or less are included with your Day Pass, Monthly Pass or Annual Pass
and trips longer than 30 minutes will incur additional usage fees.

Purchase your Day Pass, Monthly Pass or Annual Pass today! 

Indiana Pacers Bikeshare Cost

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

After purchasing your $8 24-Hour, $15 monthly, or $80 annual pass online, on the Bcycle App, or at any station kiosk, you can take unlimited 30-minute rides during the duration of the pass purchased. If you keep a bike out longer than 30-minutes at a time, extra usage fees kick in. To avoid usage fees, keep all your rides under 30 minutes. Each consecutive checkout starts your included 30-minutes over. Visit the Pricing page for pass and usage fees.

The cost to use Pacers Bikeshare is divided into two components: a pass and a usage fee.

The 24-Hour ($8), Annual ($80) and Monthly Pass ($15) give you access to a bike for unlimited 30-minute rides for the duration of your pass, from one day to one month or one year.

Usage fees are charged based on the length of each ride taken and are broken down into half-hour increments. In Indianapolis, the first half-hour is included and usage fees are only assessed for rides that exceed 30 minutes. See Pricing for usage fee information.


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