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How Much does BICI Bike Share Cost?


There are four Membership Options of BICI Bike Share you can choose from.

1 Monthly Membership
MEMBERSHIP FEE: $15 billed monthly

2 24 Hour Pass
MEMBERSHIP FEE: $3 one time fee

3 Annual Membership
MEMBERSHIP FEE: $25 billed annually

4 Albuquerque Sponsor
Limited Eligibility: If you got a code for a free Bici membership from one of our sponsors, this is the plan for you! Each membership code can be redeemed once for an Annual Membership with no membership fee. You will still receive overtime charges for rides longer than 90 minutes.

Trips under 1.5 hours are FREE, then pay $3/hour, up to $30/ride for All four Membership.

* You will be charged an additional $30 overtime charge for keeping a bike over 24 hours.


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