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How do I take a Baltimore Bike Share bike out of a dock

Baltimore Bike Share

Go to any Baltimore Bike Share station and find an available bike. Look at the dashboard located between the handle bars to verify that the bike is available for use.

Tap your Founding Member, Monthly or Walk-up Pass on the indicated section of the bike dashboard. The bike will signal that your pass has been read and that you are ready to remove the bike from the dock. You have 10 seconds to take the bike out of the dock before it re-locks and you will have to repeat the process.

If you are using the App, login and choose the bike you want to ride by entering the bike number. Each bike number is located under the steering post, directly beneath the handlebar. The bike will unlock within a few seconds after entering the code.

You may receive an error code if the bike is not available to ride. There might be a problem with the bike or your subscription. Try again on another bike or review your passholder information at the kiosk. If you continue to have problems, please call customer service at 1-844-97B-MORE (1-844-972-6673).

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