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What are Capital Bikeshare stations, docks and kiosks?


station is the row of bikes that can be found throughout metro DC. They are solar powered, and each station consists of a variable number of bike docking ports.

dock is what holds each individual bicycle. The bicycles are locked into the docks and must be unlocked using a bike key or ride code. Each dock contains a slot for the bike key and a keypad where ride codes can be entered. Docks also have a red, yellow and green light. If a dock is showing a red light, it means that the bike is broken and cannot be unlocked.

Capital Bikeshare

kiosk is the obelisk-shaped structure that can be found at each Capital Bikeshare station. The kiosk houses a touchscreen that can be used to buy passes, get ride codes and redeem gift certificates. It also provides information about how the system works.


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