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What Is The Member Benefits Of Boise Greenbike

Boise GreenBike


In addition to access to an amazing bike share program, Boise GreenBike members can also collect reward points when they lock up at certain locations. These points can be redeemed at partnering local businesses. Stay tuned for details.


In addition to a full hour of daily riding time in their own community, our members automatically receive pay-as-you-go access to all of Social Bicycles’ current and soon to launch bike share programs around the country. The closest program is the 5B Bike Share program in Hailey and Ketchum, just a short drive from Boise. This makes your membership the perfect traveling companion. Keep checking back to see the growing list of participating cities.

About Boise GreenBike

Boise GreenBike provides people who live in, work in or visit Boise with a new mobility option. It’s a convenient and healthy way of getting from one place to another, all without contributing to traffic congestion or air pollution.

Boise GreenBike uses the very latest technology to make your bike sharing experience simple and enjoyable. The rugged bikes are made by Social Bicycles, a New York based company on the cutting edge of mobility technology.

The bikes and station hubs have been paid for with a federal grant, but operational funding comes from a combination of user fees, sponsorships, and advertising. This is Boise’s bike share system, we’ll grow as the community helps us grow.


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