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Where I can lock my Biketown bike

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BIKETOWN bikes may be locked free of charge in designated areas such as BIKETOWN stations, specially marked staple racks (look for the orange BIKETOWN sticker), super hub zones, and pop-up stations (temporary for special events). Users may park their bikes in undesignated areas, but if doing so within the bounds of the service area, will be charged $2. Users who park their bikes out of the service area will be charged $20.

Here are some quick rules to ensure successful parking:

  • BIKETOWN bikes should always be locked to bike parking infrastructure like a blue staple rack. The rack must be on the street or sidewalk in a publicly accessible area.
  • BIKETOWN bikes should never be parked in a manner which blocks pedestrians or vehicular traffic.
    • At BIKETOWN stations, always ensure that the U-lock is inserted through the orange rack, and into the openings on the right side of the bike.
    • If  you lock your bike to bike parking infrastructure on a sidewalk, do so in a way that ensures pedestrians have at least 5 feet available for safe passing.
  • Never leave your bike locked only to itself or you may be charged the cost of recovery or replacement of the bike, up to $1500.
  • Never lock your bike in any manner that impedes safe loading or unloading from buses or streetcars; this includes bus stop poles and streetcar stops.
  • BIKETOWN bikes should never be locked to temporary fixtures such as barricades.

You can find nearby free parking areas on the BIKETOWN System Map or by using the app.
The super hub zones are outlined in red below.


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