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I need to return my Capital Bikeshare bike, but the station is full.


I need to return my bike, but the station is full.

If there are no available docks at the station you’d like to use, you can find a nearby station with available docks on the website station mapmobile app, or at the kiosk screen. If you’re nearing the 30-minute ride limit, we’d be happy to offer you an extra 15 minutes to find a dock without charge. Go to the kiosk at the full station, select “Press for More Options” then “Time Credit.”
Capital Bikeshare

A dock is showing a red light

A solid red light on a dock with a bike means that the bike is broken and cannot be used again until it’s been fixed by a Capital Bikeshare technician. Sometimes friendly riders will turn the seat of a broken bike backward, so it’s easy to spot from afar and you don’t waste your time walking up to it. A red light on a dock without a bike means that there is a problem with the dock and it cannot accept bike returns.

If you ever take out a bike that has an issue, please return it to the closest dock and hit the button on the dock with the wrench symbol.

You can also get a red light when trying to release or return a bike – that generally means there’s a problem, like an error entering the ride code or failure to dock a bike properly. If you get a red light in response to an attempted action, please try again. A green light means you’re ready to go.


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