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My Capital Bikeshare bike won’t dock


Press firmly into the dock, holding the bike in place until you see the green light. Make sure you’re pushing your bike all the way into the dock. If holding the bike and pushing from the handlebars isn’t working, some people find it easier to push the bike in by the seat, while holding only one handlebar to guide the bike. If you hear a grinding noise, sometimes jiggling the handlebars slightly will allow the bike to be docked properly.

Capital Bikeshare

If you get a red light or no response, try again at the same dock. If you fail to get a green light on two docking attempts, try another dock.

If you continue to receive red lights at multiple docks or just can’t successfully dock the bike, call us at 1-877-430-2453 and we’ll try to help you diagnose the issue.

Please do not leave a bike undocked or unattended, since the lost bike fee is $1,200.


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