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My Capital Bikeshare key is not working


Having problems with your bike key? Make sure your account is active and the credit card you have on file is up to date. You can check on this by logging into your account on capitalbikeshare.com (if you have forgotten your password click here for instructions on resetting it), and looking under Billing Information and Membership Status to ensure that all information is correct and up to date. Under Billing Information, see that your credit card is not expired. Under Membership status, check the Status to ensure it says “Active”. Then check the “Bike key status” to ensure it says “OK”.

Capital Bikeshare key not work

Second, check to see that you have no open rentals. If you did not successfully dock the bike on your most recent ride, the system will not let you take out another bike until that ride is properly closed.

If you are continuing to have problems with your bike key, please fill out this form and we’ll help you get riding again with a new key!

In the meantime, assuming the above issues are not the source of the problem, you can get a ride code using your credit card. Just go to any Capital Bikeshare kiosk and insert the credit card associated with your account to get a one-time-use ride code (don’t worry, you won’t be charged again – it’s just for identification). Once you get your ride code, type it into the keypad on a dock with an available bike to unlock the bike. To ride again, insert the same credit card to get a new ride code.


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