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Popular Citi Bike Rides in NYC


If you’re new to Citi Bike or are just looking for a nice way to spend an afternoon, here are some of our most popular routes. They’re fun, scenic and almost entirely car-free!

1Central Park Southern Loop

The Southern Loop of Central Park is one of the most popular bike rides in NYC. It’s a scenic, easy ride – and car-free on weekends and select times on weekdays.

Grab a Citi Bike at the Central Park South & 6th Ave station and take Center Drive a short distance to connect with Park Drive, the main road (“loop”) that runs around Central Park.

  • Ride around Park Drive in a counterclockwise direction, traveling north up the East Side of the park.
  • Bear left onto the Terrace Drive transverse that crosses the park around 72nd St.
  • When you reach the end of the transverse, bear left to pick up Park Drive again and travel south, down the West Side of the park.
  • It will loop you back around to Center Drive, where you can return your bike.

The total distance is about 1.7 miles, and takes most people 15-30 minutes on a Citi Bike (depending on how much they stop to sightsee along the way). Remember, the first 30 minutes of each ride are included in the day pass price, and if you want to keep your bike out for longer, it’s just $4 for each additional 15 minutes. So take your time and enjoy the ride!



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