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Popular Divvy Rides in Chicago


If you’re new to Chicago or are just looking for a nice way to spend an afternoon, here are some of our most popular routes. They’re fun, scenic and many are even car-free!

1Lakefront Trail North

This fully paved path runs alongside Lake Michigan’s scenic shoreline and is the perfect car-free way to check out some of the city’s most popular beaches.

A ride along the Northern half of the Lakefront Trail is the best way to take in Lake Michigan, explore parks and beaches, visit the zoo, and more.

Since the Trail covers so much of the city, it’s easy to ride for as long as you’d like and hop off when you’re done. You can enter at any point, with many Divvy stations located on or very close to the Trail itself. Dock your bike along the way to see various attractions, and pick one back up when you’re ready to ride again!


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