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Boise GreenBikes are free to ride in May

Free to Ride During the Month of May, 2018

Boise GreenBike

Ride for FREE in May! To help celebrate May in Motion, all fixed-line and inter county ValleyRide bus services and Boise GreenBikes are free to ride during the month of May (Out-of-hub fees for GreenBikes will still be assessed).

About Boise GreenBike

Boise GreenBike provides people who live in, work in or visit Boise with a new mobility option. It’s a convenient and healthy way of getting from one place to another, all without contributing to traffic congestion or air pollution.

Boise GreenBike uses the very latest technology to make your bike sharing experience simple and enjoyable. The rugged bikes are made by Social Bicycles, a New York based company on the cutting edge of mobility technology.

The bikes and station hubs have been paid for with a federal grant, but operational funding comes from a combination of user fees, sponsorships, and advertising. This is Boise’s bike share system, we’ll grow as the community helps us grow.


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