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Boise Green Bike Program is Going Strong

Directors are hoping numbers will go up, but so far usage of the Green Bike program is promising.

Boise Green Bike Program Interview by Student Media

We interviewed director of the program Dave Fotsch, he gives a detailed explanation into how the program works and operates, and what all is...

Boise GreenBike #CarFreeForBBP Challenge

The Boise GreenBike system is challenging Boise to ride every bike on May 7th for #CarFreeForBBP. Even better Boise GreenBike is offering free rides...

St. Luke’s Supports Boise GreenBike

Riding a bike leads to weight loss, improved mobility, increased cardiovascular fitness and all sorts of other positive health outcomes. That's why St. Luke's...

Boise GreenBike launches in Downtown Boise

Boise's newest bike share program, Boise GreenBike, launches in downtown Boise on April 15, 2015. (Video by Joe Jaszewski)

Boise GreenBike Celebrity Race at the Twilight Criterium

St. Luke's employee and Boise City Council member Ben Quintana and FitOne race director Heather Hill took a lap around the course on St....
Boise GreenBike

Boise GreenBikes are free to ride in May

Ride for FREE in May! To help celebrate May in Motion, all fixed-line and inter county ValleyRide bus services and Boise GreenBikes are free...

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