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Teach Me How To Divvy: Getting a 24-Hour Pass

Learn more about Chicago's new bike share system at

Meet the people who make the magic of Divvy happen

Meet the people who make the magic of Divvy happen behind the scenes: the folks who put the stations down, fix the bikes, move...

Teach Me How To Divvy: Returning Your Bike

Learn more about Chicago's new bike share system at

Inside Divvy: Keeping Stations Balanced

Our team of rebalancers make sure bikes and docks are available at our hundreds of stations. They move bikes from stations that approach full...

SunCycle Bike Sharing Is In El Paso!

SunCycle Bike Share​ is the best way to get around! Purchase a day pass directly at any kiosk with a Credit Card or ride...

How Hudson Bike Share Works

It's easy! Rent a bike via mobile app, kiosk, on-board computer or by calling customer service Registration Sign up on this website or via nextbike mobile...

Capital Bikeshare Pro Tip: Using the Kiosk

Did you know you can use the kiosk touch screen to locate bikes or open docks? Check it out. Related Capital Bikeshare User Guides

Fairbikes Ride Guide Video

By Nannette Pierson From Youtube

Capital Bikeshare Pro Tip: Unlocking a Bike

How do you check out a bike? Just like this video. Related Capital Bikeshare User Guides

How Charlotte B-cycle Works

Charlotte B-cycle is the first bike share system in North Carolina and the largest urban system in the Southeast. It is a zero-hassle, zero-emissions...

Baltimore Bike Share temporarily shutting down

Starting Sunday, Sept. 17, the Bike Share will temporarily shutdown for maintenance and equipment upgrades.

How To Unlock a Cogo Bike

The First in a series of short videos on how to use CoGo Bike Share, Columbus' new bike share system! Many more to come.

Boise Green Bike Program is Going Strong

Directors are hoping numbers will go up, but so far usage of the Green Bike program is promising.

Bike Sharing & Ann Arbor: A Perfect Match

Ann Arbor, one of the nation's most bike-friendly cities, is on the verge of becoming the first municipality in Michigan to launch a bike...

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