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West Des Moines BCycle Station

Short introduction of West Des Moines BCycle Station.

CoGo Bike Share System Analysis

Introduction, data, user guides of CoGo Bike Share

CoGo Bike Share Video User Guide

Erin Holl from ThisWeekNewspaper tries out Columbus' new bike sharing system. The Columbus Bike Share program has 30 stations spread throughout downtown, the Short...

How to Adjust your CoGo Bike Seat

How to CoGo: Adjust the seat! This makes rides much more comfortable. Remembering what number fits your body best makes consecutive rides quicker...

How to dock a CoGo bike

Here's how to properly dock a bike. And don't worry, you won't hurt the bikes. It's important you dock these properly to make sure...

How To Unlock a Cogo Bike

The First in a series of short videos on how to use CoGo Bike Share, Columbus' new bike share system! Many more to come.

Coast Bike Share – Downtown St Petersburg

Brand new to St Petersburg the Coast Bike Share program has hit downtown. We checked it out and stoped for a pint at Cycle...

Cruising St. Pete with Coast Bike Share

Take in downtown St. Pete, including the open waterfront, with the city's newest addition: Coast Bike Share. Buy an hour pass to hit some...

Coast Bike Share in St. Pete

With 30+ hubs from downtown to The Deuces, enjoy access to 300 bikes with St. Pete's Coast Bike Share program. Coming soon!

How Charlotte B-cycle Works

Charlotte B-cycle is the first bike share system in North Carolina and the largest urban system in the Southeast. It is a zero-hassle, zero-emissions...

How to sign up from the Capital Bikeshare mobile app

To purchase a membership or pass through the Capital Bikeshare mobile app, follow these steps: Download the app  Click Get a Pass Select the pass or...

Capital Bikeshare Pro Tip: Ride in a Straight Line (Don’t Dodge)

Ride in a straight line, in the bike lane or travel lane. Don't weave between parked cars. Be visible! Related Capital Bikeshare User Guides

Capital Bikeshare Pro Tip: Avoid the Door Zone

Leave plenty of space between you and parked cars, and watch out for doors. Related Capital Bikeshare User Guides

Capital Bikeshare Pro Tip: Use Hand Signals

Be Predictable, Alert and Lawful - Use your hand signals to show where you're going to go. Related Capital Bikeshare User Guides

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